Flight tracking software

You can track the flight paths of flights arriving and departing Gold Coast Airport, including past flights. The following links will assist you in this process. WebTrak is provided by Airservices Australia.  

WebTrak displays aircraft movements within 50km of airports, as well as noise levels of individual aircraft

FlightAware’s website includes live Tracking Maps of flights, and airport arrival and departure information

Plane Finder is similar to FlightAware but is a phone/tablet app

Noise complaints

If you are bothered by aircraft noise, it’s important that you register your complaint. It doesn’t matter what type of aircraft is causing the disturbance, or where it is (whether on the ILS flight path or not), and it also doesn’t matter whether others are bothered by it or not. If you are, then it’s your right - and we believe, your duty - to complain. If complaints aren’t made, you can be certain that nothing will be done about it.

Airservices Australia Noise Complaint Form

Airservices Noise Complaint form can be completed online and can take less than a minute to complete.