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What YOU need to do now that the ILS is operational

The benefit of having an agreement in place to restrict the use of the ILS is of course, dependent on adherence to it, and this is where the community plays an important role. Vigilance and taking action when breaches occur, are vitally important in ensuring that the agreement is honoured.  

Gold Coast Airport refused to "come to the table" to discuss noise abatement or any other control that might help to ameliorate the negative impacts of this flight path until they were forced to as part of the AAT process. We have been told by community groups and other members of the community battling with the Airport over noise issues in the Tweed and Southern Gold Coast Areas, that Gold Coast Airport has a long history of broken promises. It is therefore up to you to help ensure that they keep this one.

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monitor flight path use closely

  • Watch for planes that, under the terms of the agreement, shouldn't be using the flight path. It may be a little unclear at first but, before long it will become obvious.

  • Things to look for are the same airlines using it regularly and a high frequency of use on fine weather days. If the restrictions that have been imposed are adhered to then there should be no planes on the ILS flight path on most days.

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make sure other people who are affected know

  • Explain these conditions to people you know who will be affected. The more people who are aware and involved in monitoring the situation, and lodging complaints with Airservices Australia and their Federal Member, the better the chances of getting enforcement of compliance with the rules.

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have your say