We are a group of local residents who love the Gold Coast and want the natural beauty of the coast, and the lifestyle it offers, protected from unnecessary noise and airborne pollution created by Gold Coast Airport.

We grew out of community outrage over Gold Coast Airport and Airservices Australia’s ILS flight path that was commissioned on 28 February 2019 and takes planes over the most densely populated residential and tourist parts of the city that previously rarely experienced overhead jet passenger flights. 

While originally known as Stop the ILS Flight Path between 2015-2018, we changed our name and focus to the wider Stop Flight Path Impacts in late 2018.  Our legal, incorporated representative body remains Gold Coast Lifestyle Association Inc, a not-for-profit community group which largely represents residents/businesses north of the Airport. 

As Stop Flight Path Impacts group, our interest lies in: 

  • Keeping arriving and departing aircraft over the ocean as much as possible

  • Promoting the rapid adoption of new air navigation technology to support the above

  • Upholding the binding conditions in place to minimise use of the ILS flight path over Gold Coast city. This includes minimising the use of the ILS flight path for training purposes.

  • Upholding the airport curfew (11.00pm to 6.00am QLD time)

  • Having transparent, robust monitoring and public reporting regimes in place for aircraft noise and emissions, with the aim of reducing these impacts as much as possible

  • Advocating sustainable solutions for our issues to the Airport, its regulator (Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities - DIRDC), Airservices Australia, elected representatives and the wider community.

Stop Flight Path Impacts is not anti-business, not anti-development and not anti-airport. We are pro sustainable development. This means we expect large corporations such as the Gold Coast Airport Pty Ltd and Airservices Australia to “walk the talk” in relation to the triple bottom for sustainability i.e. development and operational management that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.